Get Checked Omaha


When The Planets Align Women’s Fund of Omaha Challenge In 2014, the Women’s Fund of Omaha and the Sherwood Foundation asked Serve to create a multi-year campaign to help reduce the rapidly growing youth STD epidemic in Omaha, Nebraska. An epidemic that hit youth 15-24, the [...]

Baby Can Wait


When The Planets Align United way of Greater Milwaukee Challenge In 2006, Milwaukee had the second worst teen pregnancy rate in the country. To combat this two-decade long problem, the United Way asked Serve to help them achieve an audacious goal. Reduce teen pregnancy in the [...]

Strong Baby


When The Planets Align City of Milwaukee Health Department Challenge The City of Milwaukee Health Department was facing one of the highest infant mortality rates in the country. Worse than most third world countries. The main culprit? Babies born prematurely in Milwaukee’s central city. [...]

Turn a Life Around


When The Planets Align Wisconsin Department of Children and Families Challenge The foster care system in Wisconsin was facing a crisis situation in 2011. While the number of kids entering the system increased daily, the amount of families willing to open their homes to these [...]

Until She Can


When The Planets Align Sojourner Family Peace Center Challenge During the isolation of the COVID pandemic, domestic violence in Milwaukee spiked 21% and domestic violence- related homicides skyrocketed 79%. Solution To send a message of hope to domestic violence victims, [...]

Why They Teach


When The Planets Align City Forward Collective Challenge In 2020 Milwaukee Public Schools had a real problem. They were short over 700 teachers and struggling to recruit more people to pursue teaching as a career. So how do you recruit more teachers (especially teachers of [...]

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