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One PSA Campaign At A Time

Serve campaigns are catalysts for change

Which makes bold and engaging marketing the most important thing a non-profit can do.

That statement usually offends people, But it’s true. You can’t change dangerous behaviors or attract people to a cause they don’t know about and connect to emotionally. Serve PSA campaigns put causes on the map. They help raise an organization’s profile, which re-energizes its staff and volunteers and often leads to a significant increase in funding.

More importantly, Serve’s approach to marketing causes also make an impact on the community. After having the 2nd worst teen birth rate in the country, Serve’s decade long marketing effort has helped reduce teen pregnancy in Milwaukee by an historic 65%, the city’s lowest teen birthrate on record.

And That’s Not All

After a record number of shaken baby deaths in both 2001 and 2008, Serve launched historic radio road blocks that twice resulted in a complete halt in shakings in Milwaukee for four months after.

Serve’s inspirational “Turn A Life Around” foster care campaign led to an over 415% increase in foster parent inquiries.

At the height of the stock market collapse in 2008, as most non-profits’ funding plummeted by double-digits Serve’s bold awareness campaigns for organizations like Pathfinders Teen Homeless Shelter, Running Rebels and United Way of Greater Milwaukee all saw their funding increase.

And its controversial awareness and teen STD testing campaign to help reduce the STD crisis in Omaha has led to a record number of youth getting tested for STDs. A 37% increase in just two years. An effort that has also led to a dramatic reduction in the growth of the spread of STDs there.

No one is waiting to hear about your cause. That’s why our PSAs catch people by surprise. And often make them uncomfortable with their inaction. But they move people to act. So what are you willing to do to accomplish your mission?

“Serve’s work has literally saved thousands of children’s lives in Wisconsin. We owe them a debt of gratitude that can never be repayed.”

Colleen Ellingsen, Former Executive Director, Coalition for Children, Youth and Families
“Being part of the strong baby campaign is my favorite thing I get to do as mayor.”
Tom Barrett, Milwaukee Mayor
“Serve’s creative work is simply awesome! Your team’s understanding of the research and their ability to convert it into a powerful marketing plan was amazing.”
Brenda J. Council, Adolescent Health Coordinator,
Women’s Fund of Omaha

“After 30 years of toiling in the shadows, Serve’s Public Awareness campaigns put Pathfinders on the map with funders and community leaders in Milwaukee.”

Dan Magnusen, Former President/CEO, Pathfinders

You have created a masterpiece with Serve. The impact your organization has had on helping Guitars For Vets accomplish their mission is remarkable.”

Patrick Nettesheim, Co-founder, Guitars For Vets
“You may never know exactly how many children your work has helped save from being sex trafficked, but there is no question that it has made a major impact in Milwaukee.”
Emmy Meyers, Founder, Lacey’s Hope Project
“I was standing in line at the grocery store when I saw a man wearing a turn a life around t-shirt. My husband and I knew instantly it was a sign that we should become foster parents. We signed up the next day.”
Anonymous Foster Parent

“We would not be where we are without SERVE. We are already saving lives, and you have helped us so much.”

Gary Mendell, Founder/CEO, Shatterproof

“Thank you so much for putting putting out the Spot Abuse Campaign – it’s one of our all-time favorites.”

National Law Enforcement Center of Animal Abuse

“Working with Serve has changed the way we market public health. They not only come up with creative solutions to change dangerous behaviors, but they care deeply about the results.”

Bevan Baker, Former Health Commissioner, City of Milwaukee

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