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Live United

Cause: United Way of Greater Milwaukee
Client: United Way of Greater Milwaukee

They say opposites attract. Serve proved that philosophy correct with the amazing success of their recent “Live United” fund raising campaign for the United Way of Great Milwaukee. The campaign featured the unlikely pairings of local political adversaries, rival fans and bitter high school basketball competitors on billboards, print ads and bus shelters around town. The curious “teaser” ads attracted widespread attention from local TV, radio and newspapers, created a buzz in the community and sparked a flurry of phone calls to the Mayor’s office. Two weeks later, the pairs were joined together in the ads along with the words “Live United.”

More amazing than the buzz it created around the campaign, were the end results. In the middle of the country’s worst economic recession since the 1930’s and at the height of the most hotly contested presidential election in decades, the United Way campaign raised a record $44.2 million.

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