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Pregnant Boys

Cause: Teen Pregnancy
Client: United Way of Greater Milwaukee

How do you fix a 30-year societal problem that no one wants to discuss or hear about. Simple. You start by making the issue impossible to ignore. That’s what Serve did when it launched an outdoor campaign in Milwaukee, featuring pictures of teen pregnant boys with the headline, “It shouldn’t be any less disturbing when it’s a girl. Teen pregnancy. Don’t ignore it”

The campaign, in response to a report stating Milwaukee had the second highest rate of birth to teens in the nation, was done in conjunction with the United Way of Greater Milwaukee. Along with the startling outdoor, a TV PSA and website (onemilwaukee.org) were launched to encourage residents and business leaders of the city to take responsibility for fixing the teen pregnancy problem and financially support the teen pregnancy prevention efforts of the United Way. Since its inception, the website has generated over 100,000 views and United Way teen pregnancy prevention programming have received a record amount of funding three years in a row. Most remarkably, after three years of education efforts, for the first time, in 2009, the Health Department announced a 10% drop in teen pregnancy. The largest decrease in 30 years.

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