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Pause Before You Play

Cause: Teen Pregnancy
Client: Candies Foundation

he is America’s most famous teen mom. Serve teamed up with the Candie’s Foundation to produce two controversial PSA’s warning teens about the hardship of teen pregnancy. The spot, which was secretly filmed in Los Angeles in March, depicts what life would be life for the average teen that doesn’t have the support of such a famous family like Bristol Palin has. The opening scene show Bristol looking beautiful in a well-appointed living room. As she speaks to camera, lamenting what life might be like if she didn’t have so much support and opportunity, her make-up goes away, her clothes become dirtier and the room she is in slowly empties of its lavish furnishings. The closing line by Palin sums up what raising a baby as a teen would be like. “It wouldn’t be pretty.”

The PSA started a national firestorm of press over the controversial spot. Every major network news station along with all the national entertainment shows, news talk shows and virtually every blog in the free world covered the story. Bristol Palin is currently the Teen Ambassador for the Candie’s Foundation in New York.

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