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2028 Fake Movie

Cause: Teen Pregnancy
Client: United Way of Greater Milwaukee

It may be the most surprising and aggressive online teen pregnancy prevention message Serve has ever launched. And it has gotten teens all over the city going online and on social networking sites to find out what it’s all about. But the movie promotion for the seemingly real, teen suspense thriller, called 2028 is nothing but a hoax to get teens to stop and hear a message warning them about the harsh realities of getting pregnant as a teen.

To promote the giant ruse on teens, Serve created fake movie trailers, billboards and bus shelters. Launched bogus MySpace and Facebook pages. Did fake promotions partnering with Milwaukee radio stations and even put out a free music soundtrack featuring Milwaukee artists. All to drive teens to watch the movie online where they then watched a full movie trailer for the movie 2028-which revealed that “if you get pregnant as a teen today, the next 18 years could be the hardest years of your life.”

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