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Message You Couldn’t Escape

Cause: Shaken Baby Syndrome
Client: Shaken Baby Association

In response to a record number of shaken babies in 2008, Serve and the Shaken Baby Association launched an unforgettable awareness campaign in Milwaukee on May 12th. The radio roadblock, which featured 50 seconds of a crying baby, aired on every Milwaukee area radio station at exactly the same time during rush hour. The spot prompted thousands of listeners to change the station only to find the same crying baby all across the dial. A voice-over finished the spot saying, “No matter how long she cries. No matter how tired you are. No matter how frustrated you get. Never, ever shake a baby.”

The spot led to dozens of media stories around the event, and radio stations received hundreds of calls. Most importantly, following the campaign, Children’s Hospital reported that all shakings stopped for almost four months.

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