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Cause: Breast Cancer
Client: American Cancer Society

Breast cancer maybe the most popular cause of all-time. But its effectiveness in inspiring woman to get mammograms has waned the past few years. Serve decided to re-frame the discussion about breast cancer in Milwaukee and launched an issue-changing Breast Cancer campaign that reminded woman that they still die of breast cancer. Unlike the majority of warm and fuzzy pink campaigns, Serve’s effort used men to tell the story, by showing the effects of breast cancer on a man’s life. The campaign used teaser billboard showing a range of boys and men with headlines stating “Sons need mothers” “Husbands need wives” and “Fathers need daughters.” Two weeks later the words, “to get a mammogram” were added. TV PSAs featured grandfathers, husbands, brothers and sons all talking about the disease that ruined their lives. At the end they each described that it was their mother, sister or wife that died of breast cancer. Local TV stations in both markets covered the campaign, which set off media interest around the fact that the number of women getting mammograms has decreased significantly in the past year despite level of awareness. The campaign has since been duplicated in Tennessee, South Dakota, Baltimore and Miami. Johnson City, Tennessee saw a 13% increase in mammograms during the campaign.

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