Take a shower, brush teeth, get checked for STDs….

Serve Marketing and the Adolescent Health Project in Omaha, is launching a new campaign that urges the public to make getting checked for an STD a part of their regular routine. Starting the week of August 31st, a multimedia campaign will begin appearing in Omaha on billboards, bus shelters, and social ads and in unconventional places like college campuses, movie theaters and on drink coasters.

The goal of the “Part of Your Routine” campaign is to encourage teens and young adults to get regular STD testing and simply make it part of their normal routine in their lives. STD rates in Douglas County are now at historic levels. Since 1998, the incidence of chlamydia in Douglas County has more than doubled and is over 30 percent higher than the national average.

Media is being placed in areas to target teens and young adults where they live, work, play — like college bars, campuses, restaurants, bar bathrooms, mobile devices, social media, movie theaters, etc. Each placement has a checklist of routine activities that corresponds to the medium and location that it is running in. With the only common item on every checklist being STD testing. Upcoming executions include partnering with bars in the local area to use custom coasters and table tents with this messaging. The campaign directs teens and young adults to get more information at GetCheckedOmaha.com.

The Adolescent Health Project is a program of the Women’s Fund of Omaha who has partnered with Serve Marketing who developed the campaign, making this the fourth of more than a dozen unique and provocative STD awareness campaigns planned to reach teens and young adults in Douglas County over the next two years.

For information on STDs, how and where to get tested and prevention tips, visit GetCheckedOmaha.com or call 844-690-CHKD (2453). Also, follow the GetCheckedOmaha Facebook page, Twitter @GetCheckedOmaha as well as the GetCheckedOmaha YouTube channel.

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