SPOT ABUSE + Ink to the People T-Shirts! Help support our cause!

Serve Marketing teamed up with Ink to the People and three of BVK’s talented graphic artist to create a series of t-shirts that help continue our efforts to reduce the rates of domestic and animal violence in Milwaukee. Carsyn McKenzie, Nick Heiser and Kelsey Barnowksy created a series of graphic shirts that are not only a personal reflection of their passion to help animals and victims of domestic violence but remind you to dial 911 when you suspect animal abuse. All proceeds benefit the continued effort of the “Spot Abuse” project. To sustain an effective level of reach and frequency for the awareness campaign in Milwaukee, funding is needed. Your donation is greatly appreciated. Click here to see shirts + donation information.
Our Spot Abuse project launched in may 2014 in an effort to reduce the growing percentage of domestic violence in Milwaukee, by encouraging more residents to dial 9-1-1 when they suspect animal abuse. Spot Abuse is based on research from the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys found that 76% of animal abuser also abuse members of their family. If more people dial 911 when they suspect animal abuse (an act generally considered to be easier than reporting domestic abuse), the police will have an opportunity to uncover a higher number of domestic violence cases. Since the “Spot Abuse” launch, there has been an increase in calls reporting animal abuse in Milwaukee.

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