In need of an amazing illustrator? Our next #ServeMKE spotlight goes to the talented David Zimmerman (Bigshot Robot) for all of his creative work on our Serve Campaigns, including our recently awarded Rubber Rover and Birds, Bees, and STDs campaigns.

1. What are your main responsibilities as an illustrator for Bigshot Robot?

Some of my main duties as an illustrator can range from brainstorming, sketching, drawing, inking, vectoring and setting files up for print or animation. There is also invoicing, emailing, meetings with clients or any other number of behind-the-curtain activities.

2. How many years have you been a volunteer for Serve?

I spent about 1 – 1.5 years working on a few different Serve projects.

3. What has been your favorite project to work on as a volunteer with Serve?

I really enjoyed working with the designers and art directors on the illustration and design of the Rubber Rover.

4. What’s the strangest thing you’ve been asked to create for a Serve campaign?

That would be one of two things. Either it was designing the lettering for a project where Whitney, a lettering artist, created words by collaging condoms. Or it was the time we had a photoshoot with a teenage skateboarder wearing a baby carrier on his chest and subsequently photographing babies to fit in the carrier by way of a talented retoucher.

5. What do you like most about volunteering with Serve?

Serve has access to projects that function in a realm entirely different than advertising. That ability to work on projects that might directly effect someone’s life for the better.

6. What is your favorite charity/cause in Milwaukee?

Can I pick two? I would say the Humane society for saving and caring for all the friendly furry creatures. Also, I think the folks at Discovery World are doing great things at a nonprofit level to inspire children about science and technology.

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