#ServeMKE Volunteer Spotlight: Alison Galarza

Today’s #ServeMKE Spotlight features our volunteer, Alison Galarza, our newest MIAD Grad that just accepted a full time position as an Associate Art Director for BVK. For the last year she has been a tremendous help on multiple campaigns!

1. What are your main responsibilities as an Associate Art Director for BVK?

As an Associate Art Director at BVK, I help with a bit of everything… social media graphics, print ads, branding, etc.

2. How many years have you been a volunteer for Serve?

Since I started interning through the Good Internship program about a year ago.

3. What has been your favorite project to work on as a volunteer with Serve?

I had fun working on the newest “Safe Never Goes Out of Style” campaign- it was the first campaign I really got to see produced from start to finish and I enjoyed assisting with the photoshoots.

4. What’s the strangest thing you’ve been asked to create for a Serve campaign?

I’ve had to draw so many condom-shaped objects. My favorite was a Narwhal with a condom-shaped horn for the Rubber Rover.

5. What do you like most about volunteering with Serve?

I’m really passionate about design and helping with social issues, so it’s great to be able to combine my interests and know that my work is helping communities.

6. What is your favorite charity/cause in Milwaukee?

I used to work with a safe haven/rehab center for girls affected by Milwaukee’s sex trafficking industry called Grateful Girls. It’s an amazing organization that works directly with girls in at-risk situations and provides them with resources to turn their lives around.

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