Serve launches artful “Condom Word” Campaign in Omaha…

Teens and young adults are the target of a unique new ad campaign aimed at encouraging condom use in the nation’s hot bed of STDs-Omaha. Using unwrapped condoms to create artful words that give whole new meaning to terms like “love” and “passion.”

Serve Marketing, the country’s only all-volunteer advertising agency, developed the campaign titled “Condom Word”. It is part of an on going effort to reduce Douglas County’s skyrocketing STD rates and promote Omaha’s expanded free condom distribution program around the city. The provocative public service campaign will be seen on social media, billboards, bus sides, banner ads and in public bathrooms. It features big words like “love”, “passion” and “share”- all made of assorted condoms. The words are then followed by sentences like “Love. It’s more beautiful without a Herpes outbreak”. Or “Share your love, not a Chlamydia infection.” Viewers are then directed to find out where they can get free condoms by going to

“It’s time we started a discussion about importance of condom use among sexually-active teens and young adults in Omaha,” explains Serve’s Volunteer Creative Director, Gary Mueller. “But in a way that is cool and artful enough that our audience will want to post it on Instagram or share on Facebook or Twitter–all while getting the message out that free condoms are available all over Omaha.”

The effort is a project of the Women’s Fund of Omaha who has partnered with Serve, making this the seventh in a multi-year series of engaging and provocative youth-oriented public service campaigns in Douglas County. For more information, go to Follow GetCheckedOmaha Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram, as well as the YouTube Channel.


Executive Creative Director: Gary Mueller
CD/Art Director: Kelsey Barnowsky
CD/Copywriter: Mike Holicek
Typographer: Whitney Anderson
Photographer/Retoucher: Anthony Giacomino
Multimedia Designer: Charlie Marsh
Designer: Dave Zimmerman
Developers: Fred Ziegler + Genevieve Schweitzer
Social Media: Courtney Kronschnabel + Alex Boeder
Production: Rob Birdsall + Stacey Soden
Account Executives: Heidi Halperin + Matt Larson

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