Serve continues “Spot Abuse” Domestic Violence/Animal Abuse Prevention PSA campaign in Milwaukee

In an effort to combat domestic violence in the community, Serve Marketing, the country’s only all-volunteer non-profit ad agency, has launched a new bus shelter campaign on May 11th, 2015 in Milwaukee with the goal to combat two forms of abuse with one message.  The ads feature adorable images of dogs and a cat portraying that animals offer more than just being pets and can be a direct link to domestic abuse, while encouraging the residents to dial 9-1-1 to report animal abuse.

The pilot project launched in May 2014, called the Spot Abuse Project, is an effort, to reduce the growing percentage of domestic violence in Milwaukee, by encouraging more residents to dial 9-1-1 when they suspect animal abuse. The effort is based on research from the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys that found 76% of animal abusers also abuse a member of their family. If more people dial 911 when they suspect animal abuse (an act generally considered to be easier than reporting domestic abuse), the police will then have the opportunity to uncover a higher number of domestic violence cases. Since the “Spot Abuse” launch, there has been an increase in calls reporting animal abuse in Milwaukee.

“We wanted to juxtapose the familiar life-saving and life-giving value that pets have to both people and society with something that would surprise them. Namely their ability to stop domestic abuse.” explains Serve Volunteer Creative Director, Gary Mueller.

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Creative Director: Gary Mueller
Art Director: Nick Heiser
Writer: Jeff Ericksen
Account Executive: Heidi Sterricker
Photos: Veer Stock Images

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