Provacative “Sex Myths” Campaign encourages parents to talk to teens about sex…

Sex education has been a hotly debated topic in Omaha the past few months. Kids nowadays have access to a lot of misinformation about sex – and if parents aren’t   talking to teens about it, someone else is. That’s the message that is front and center in a provocative new campaign created by Serve Marketing, country’s all volunteer ad agency.

The campaign, titled “Get the Sex Facts Omaha” is designed to start that conversation between parents and youth about sex and the many myths surrounding safe sex and teen pregnancy. The campaign features kids proliferating many sex myths, and depicts them spreading throughout a school without any attempt to debunk or call into question the validity of the myths.

The integrated campaign includes four TV spots, outdoor, newspaper ads and digital pre-roll video. In addition, there is a strong social media and online component that includes digital pre-roll videos and an interactive online quiz. Teens and parents will be directed to the website where they can take the quiz, view the videos and have access to a free parent talk toolkit, which encourages parents to and teens to both contribute to the conversation.

“The average teen spends more than five hours a day online and the kind of misinformation they’re exposed to about sex is frightening,” said Gary Mueller, volunteer creative director at Serve Marketing, who helped develop the campaign. “We wanted to use social media to combat these myths because that’s where the conversations are happening. And at the same time we want to open the eyes of parents to what their kids are learning online.”

For more information, go to Follow the GetTheSexFactsOmaha Facebook page, Twitter @SexFactsOmaha, Instagram page, as well as the YouTube channel.

Details on SERVE Marketing’s community efforts are available at

Executive Creative Director: Gary Mueller
CD/Art Director: Mitch Markussen
CD/Copywriter: Jeff Ericksen + Nick Pipitone
Art Director: Nick Heiser
Developers: Fred Ziegler + Bryon Schmear + Genevieve Schweitzer
Photographer: Nick Collura
Retoucher: Anthony Giacomino
Editors: Wonder Wonder + Dave Kuhnen
Director: Quinn Hester
Producer: Heidi Halperin
Social Media: Kaitlyn Herzog + Courtney Kronschnabel
Account Executive: Heidi Halperin
Production: Rob Birdsall + Stacey Soden + Deb Scherman

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