Nobody wants to be a premature Grandparent.

Do you have teenagers of your own? Imagine being a grandparent right now. Serve Marketing’s newest campaign for the United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County asks parents to consider this reality – a reality that is more likely if they choose to avoid teaching their children about safe sex.

The newest teen pregnancy prevention campaign is timed to align with Let’s Talk Month and will run through November in the Milwaukee market. Targeted at parents to encourage them to talk to their teens about sex, the campaign dramatizes how teen pregnancy can affect a family as a whole and asks parents to weigh the benefits of having awkward conversations today or living with the consequences alongside your teenager later.

Consisting of bus shelters, YouTube videos, digital pre-roll video and five :30 TV spots, the campaign features youthful parents in stereotypically “old timer” situations – preparing casseroles at 4 o’clock, clipping coupons, drinking fiber supplements, watching television at unreasonable volumes and more. All pieces direct parents to where parents can find resources for starting a productive discussion with their child.

“Most PSA’s in the past have encouraged parents to talk to their teens about teen pregnancy by focusing on the consequences to their child,” explains Serve Volunteer Creative Director Gary Mueller. “We wanted to take a little fresher approach. One that would catch them surprise and show them in a tongue in cheek way, the consequences to them as young grandparents.”

While this take on raising awareness of the issue may be approachable and chuckle-worthy, the reality of Milwaukee’s teen pregnancy rates is indeed serious And although this rate has declined dramatically over the past 10 years, there are still too many young people becoming parents too soon.

To view all 5 TV spots, visit

Executive Creative Director: Gary Mueller
GCD/Copywriter: Brian Ganther
CD/Art Director: Matt Herrmann
Art Director: Ryan Strzok
Broadcast Producer: Jon Hanusa
Print Producer: Heidi Halperin
Retoucher: Anthony Giacomino
Developers: Ben Gray + Fred Ziegler
Director : Vinnie Besasie
DP: Mike Gillis
Production Company: Full Circle Productions (Kara Mulrooney-Producer)
Editor: John Elmendorf (Wonder Wonder)
Audio: Alex Smolinski (Wonder Wonder)
Photographer: Lucian McAfee
Social Media: Alex Boeder
Account Executive: Heidi Halperin

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