New “Spokeszombie” to Help Curb STDs…

STD Zombie – :60 PSA

Getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases doesn’t have to be scary. So says a new “spokeszombie” for a humorous, new public service campaign from the Adolescent Health Project aimed at encouraging teens and young adults to talk about STD prevention.

The video-based campaign, which can be previewed here, features a young woman being chased by zombie through a dark parking lot. Only, instead of fearing for her life, the zombie cordially reminds her that the only thing she needs to fear is not getting tested for STDs.

The use of humor in this spot helps diffuse the awkwardness of talking about STDs” said Volunteer Creative Director, Gary Mueller. “We believe teens will find this message very shareable.”

The video-based campaign kicks off this week with TV spots, digital pre-roll and YouTube videos will run on networks and programming such as AMC’s the Walking Dead, Spike TV and VH1 through Halloween. The campaign picks up again in December with the addition of movie theater ads to coincide with the holiday movie season.

The Adolescent Health Project is a program of the Women’s Fund of Omaha who has partnered with Serve Marketing who developed the campaign. This is the fifth of more than a dozen unique and provocative STD awareness campaigns planned to reach teens and young adults in Douglas County over the next two years.

For information on STDs, how and where to get tested and prevention tips, visit or call 844-690-CHKD (2453). Also, follow the GetCheckedOmaha Facebook page, Twitter @GetCheckedOmaha as well as the GetCheckedOmaha YouTube channel.

Creative Director: Gary Mueller
Director: Michael McCourt
Copywriters: Evan Stremke + Matt McNulty
Editor: John Elmendorf (Wonder Wonder)
Music + SFX: Peter Batchelder (Independent Studios)
Producer: Terri Burmester
Account Executive: Heidi Halperin

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