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Condom Dresses in Omaha get National and International attention…

From March 16th through the end of April 2016, dresses made entirely of condoms will be on display in Omaha’s Cinderella’s Formal Dress Rental inside Crossroads Mall, as well as at Hello Holiday in Dundee. Teens shopping for a prom dress this month will be surprised by an unconventional message about safe sex. Each week a new dress will be put on display for teens and parents to see.

A “price tag” on the attention-grabbing dress reveals the true costs of unprotected sex: STDs or unplanned pregnancy. The tag reads, “Being safe is always in style. Avoid sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies,” and directs people to The website provides a locator map with over 60 locations that provide free condoms. Parents can also download a Family Communication “Lets Talk” toolkit, with resources and tips for talking to teens about sex.

So far, the stunt has been picked up on,, Glamour UK, USWeekly, Huffington Post, Yahoo News and more. Dresses were designed and created by fashion students at the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. They graciously donated the dresses for our cause.

The guerilla marketing campaign is the latest public awareness effort by the Adolescent Health Project, a program of the Women’s Fund of Omaha, and is part of a larger campaign to educate youth on risk factors and encourage teens to make informed decisions about their sexual health. SERVE Marketing, a non-profit volunteer agency based in Milwaukee, WI., is the creative team behind the Adolescent Health Project’s campaigns.

“A condom dress is a powerful conversation starter,” explains SERVE creative director, Gary Mueller. “This is a great opportunity for us to reach teens and their parents in an unexpected way before prom, and get the message out to think twice before having unprotected sex, because it can lead to multiple health risks or even a baby. This is a picture that speaks a thousand words.”

Serve launches artful “Condom Word” Campaign in Omaha…

Teens and young adults are the target of a unique new ad campaign aimed at encouraging condom use in the nation’s hot bed of STDs-Omaha. Using unwrapped condoms to create artful words that give whole new meaning to terms like “love” and “passion.”

Serve Marketing, the country’s only all-volunteer advertising agency, developed the campaign titled “Condom Word”. It is part of an on going effort to reduce Douglas County’s skyrocketing STD rates and promote Omaha’s expanded free condom distribution program around the city. The provocative public service campaign will be seen on social media, billboards, bus sides, banner ads and in public bathrooms. It features big words like “love”, “passion” and “share”- all made of assorted condoms. The words are then followed by sentences like “Love. It’s more beautiful without a Herpes outbreak”. Or “Share your love, not a Chlamydia infection.” Viewers are then directed to find out where they can get free condoms by going to

“It’s time we started a discussion about importance of condom use among sexually-active teens and young adults in Omaha,” explains Serve’s Volunteer Creative Director, Gary Mueller. “But in a way that is cool and artful enough that our audience will want to post it on Instagram or share on Facebook or Twitter–all while getting the message out that free condoms are available all over Omaha.”

The effort is a project of the Women’s Fund of Omaha who has partnered with Serve, making this the seventh in a multi-year series of engaging and provocative youth-oriented public service campaigns in Douglas County. For more information, go to Follow GetCheckedOmaha Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram, as well as the YouTube Channel.


Executive Creative Director: Gary Mueller
CD/Art Director: Kelsey Barnowsky
CD/Copywriter: Mike Holicek
Typographer: Whitney Anderson
Photographer/Retoucher: Anthony Giacomino
Multimedia Designer: Charlie Marsh
Designer: Dave Zimmerman
Developers: Fred Ziegler + Genevieve Schweitzer
Social Media: Courtney Kronschnabel + Alex Boeder
Production: Rob Birdsall + Stacey Soden
Account Executives: Heidi Halperin + Matt Larson

Provacative “Sex Myths” Campaign encourages parents to talk to teens about sex…

Sex education has been a hotly debated topic in Omaha the past few months. Kids nowadays have access to a lot of misinformation about sex – and if parents aren’t   talking to teens about it, someone else is. That’s the message that is front and center in a provocative new campaign created by Serve Marketing, country’s all volunteer ad agency.

The campaign, titled “Get the Sex Facts Omaha” is designed to start that conversation between parents and youth about sex and the many myths surrounding safe sex and teen pregnancy. The campaign features kids proliferating many sex myths, and depicts them spreading throughout a school without any attempt to debunk or call into question the validity of the myths.

The integrated campaign includes four TV spots, outdoor, newspaper ads and digital pre-roll video. In addition, there is a strong social media and online component that includes digital pre-roll videos and an interactive online quiz. Teens and parents will be directed to the website where they can take the quiz, view the videos and have access to a free parent talk toolkit, which encourages parents to and teens to both contribute to the conversation.

“The average teen spends more than five hours a day online and the kind of misinformation they’re exposed to about sex is frightening,” said Gary Mueller, volunteer creative director at Serve Marketing, who helped develop the campaign. “We wanted to use social media to combat these myths because that’s where the conversations are happening. And at the same time we want to open the eyes of parents to what their kids are learning online.”

For more information, go to Follow the GetTheSexFactsOmaha Facebook page, Twitter @SexFactsOmaha, Instagram page, as well as the YouTube channel.

Details on SERVE Marketing’s community efforts are available at

Executive Creative Director: Gary Mueller
CD/Art Director: Mitch Markussen
CD/Copywriter: Jeff Ericksen + Nick Pipitone
Art Director: Nick Heiser
Developers: Fred Ziegler + Bryon Schmear + Genevieve Schweitzer
Photographer: Nick Collura
Retoucher: Anthony Giacomino
Editors: Wonder Wonder + Dave Kuhnen
Director: Quinn Hester
Producer: Heidi Halperin
Social Media: Kaitlyn Herzog + Courtney Kronschnabel
Account Executive: Heidi Halperin
Production: Rob Birdsall + Stacey Soden + Deb Scherman


In Chicago, high school students in collaboration with the Chicago Department of Public Health and Serve Marketing launched a public education campaign called “Chicago Wears Condoms.”  It was a city-wide effort to reduce the birth rate among Chicago teens, reduce STDs and provide the necessary resources to improve adolescent health.

The campaign plays on Chicago pride with the famous skyline draped in condoms using the colors of the Chicago flag, with headlines such as “Stay Safe When You Go Downtown” and directing people to, that has resources listed on where to get tested for STDs and find free condoms. The creative will be displayed on more than 300 bus ads, interior bus and rail ads, and other signage at train stations along the red, orange, and green lines. There will also be a social media effort using hashtag #ChicagoWearsCondoms and a female condom driven version that reads “It Doesn’t Take Balls To Wear a Condom.”

On Tuesday, December 1st, which is known internationally as World AIDS Day, volunteers distributed over 20,000 condom toolkits at six city colleges and a half dozen area Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) stations. In addition to the campaign, Illinois Institute of Art fashion students created actual condom dresses and other attire to support the cause. Dresses were worn by their friends or the actual designers themselves to help pass out toolkits at Roosevelt Train Station.

For more information, go to Details on SERVE Marketing’s community efforts are available at

Executive Creative Director: Gary Mueller
GCD/Copywriter: Brian Ganther
CD/Art Director: Matt Herrmann
Art Director/Designer: Kelsey Barnowsky
Copywriters: Beth Musni + Ali Coates
Developers: Fred Ziegler + Bryon Schmear
Account Executive: Heidi Halperin
Production: Steve Scherf + Rob Birdsall

Nobody wants to be a premature Grandparent.

Do you have teenagers of your own? Imagine being a grandparent right now. Serve Marketing’s newest campaign for the United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County asks parents to consider this reality – a reality that is more likely if they choose to avoid teaching their children about safe sex.

The newest teen pregnancy prevention campaign is timed to align with Let’s Talk Month and will run through November in the Milwaukee market. Targeted at parents to encourage them to talk to their teens about sex, the campaign dramatizes how teen pregnancy can affect a family as a whole and asks parents to weigh the benefits of having awkward conversations today or living with the consequences alongside your teenager later.

Consisting of bus shelters, YouTube videos, digital pre-roll video and five :30 TV spots, the campaign features youthful parents in stereotypically “old timer” situations – preparing casseroles at 4 o’clock, clipping coupons, drinking fiber supplements, watching television at unreasonable volumes and more. All pieces direct parents to where parents can find resources for starting a productive discussion with their child.

“Most PSA’s in the past have encouraged parents to talk to their teens about teen pregnancy by focusing on the consequences to their child,” explains Serve Volunteer Creative Director Gary Mueller. “We wanted to take a little fresher approach. One that would catch them surprise and show them in a tongue in cheek way, the consequences to them as young grandparents.”

While this take on raising awareness of the issue may be approachable and chuckle-worthy, the reality of Milwaukee’s teen pregnancy rates is indeed serious And although this rate has declined dramatically over the past 10 years, there are still too many young people becoming parents too soon.

To view all 5 TV spots, visit

Executive Creative Director: Gary Mueller
GCD/Copywriter: Brian Ganther
CD/Art Director: Matt Herrmann
Art Director: Ryan Strzok
Broadcast Producer: Jon Hanusa
Print Producer: Heidi Halperin
Retoucher: Anthony Giacomino
Developers: Ben Gray + Fred Ziegler
Director : Vinnie Besasie
DP: Mike Gillis
Production Company: Full Circle Productions (Kara Mulrooney-Producer)
Editor: John Elmendorf (Wonder Wonder)
Audio: Alex Smolinski (Wonder Wonder)
Photographer: Lucian McAfee
Social Media: Alex Boeder
Account Executive: Heidi Halperin

New “Spokeszombie” to Help Curb STDs…

STD Zombie – :60 PSA

Getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases doesn’t have to be scary. So says a new “spokeszombie” for a humorous, new public service campaign from the Adolescent Health Project aimed at encouraging teens and young adults to talk about STD prevention.

The video-based campaign, which can be previewed here, features a young woman being chased by zombie through a dark parking lot. Only, instead of fearing for her life, the zombie cordially reminds her that the only thing she needs to fear is not getting tested for STDs.

The use of humor in this spot helps diffuse the awkwardness of talking about STDs” said Volunteer Creative Director, Gary Mueller. “We believe teens will find this message very shareable.”

The video-based campaign kicks off this week with TV spots, digital pre-roll and YouTube videos will run on networks and programming such as AMC’s the Walking Dead, Spike TV and VH1 through Halloween. The campaign picks up again in December with the addition of movie theater ads to coincide with the holiday movie season.

The Adolescent Health Project is a program of the Women’s Fund of Omaha who has partnered with Serve Marketing who developed the campaign. This is the fifth of more than a dozen unique and provocative STD awareness campaigns planned to reach teens and young adults in Douglas County over the next two years.

For information on STDs, how and where to get tested and prevention tips, visit or call 844-690-CHKD (2453). Also, follow the GetCheckedOmaha Facebook page, Twitter @GetCheckedOmaha as well as the GetCheckedOmaha YouTube channel.

Creative Director: Gary Mueller
Director: Michael McCourt
Copywriters: Evan Stremke + Matt McNulty
Editor: John Elmendorf (Wonder Wonder)
Music + SFX: Peter Batchelder (Independent Studios)
Producer: Terri Burmester
Account Executive: Heidi Halperin

Take a shower, brush teeth, get checked for STDs….

Serve Marketing and the Adolescent Health Project in Omaha, is launching a new campaign that urges the public to make getting checked for an STD a part of their regular routine. Starting the week of August 31st, a multimedia campaign will begin appearing in Omaha on billboards, bus shelters, and social ads and in unconventional places like college campuses, movie theaters and on drink coasters.

The goal of the “Part of Your Routine” campaign is to encourage teens and young adults to get regular STD testing and simply make it part of their normal routine in their lives. STD rates in Douglas County are now at historic levels. Since 1998, the incidence of chlamydia in Douglas County has more than doubled and is over 30 percent higher than the national average.

Media is being placed in areas to target teens and young adults where they live, work, play — like college bars, campuses, restaurants, bar bathrooms, mobile devices, social media, movie theaters, etc. Each placement has a checklist of routine activities that corresponds to the medium and location that it is running in. With the only common item on every checklist being STD testing. Upcoming executions include partnering with bars in the local area to use custom coasters and table tents with this messaging. The campaign directs teens and young adults to get more information at

The Adolescent Health Project is a program of the Women’s Fund of Omaha who has partnered with Serve Marketing who developed the campaign, making this the fourth of more than a dozen unique and provocative STD awareness campaigns planned to reach teens and young adults in Douglas County over the next two years.

For information on STDs, how and where to get tested and prevention tips, visit or call 844-690-CHKD (2453). Also, follow the GetCheckedOmaha Facebook page, Twitter @GetCheckedOmaha as well as the GetCheckedOmaha YouTube channel.

New STD Campaign in Omaha will make your skin crawl…

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a new campaign needs very few. A month-long sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention campaign just launched this week throughout Omaha. The campaign makes use of a cringe-worthy, custom font that resembles infected flesh with phrases like “His and herpes,” “Ignorance is blisters” and “What’s the warts that could happen?” which will appear on billboards, bus advertisements, digital ads and social media channels. Serve Marketing, the country’s only all-volunteer advertising agency, developed the unconventional marketing campaign with the goal to help bring down infection rates, which are at historic levels.

The effort, which is led by the Women’s Fund of Omaha, whose new Adolescent Health Project is working to curb STDs in Omaha, is in response to Omaha’s shockingly high STD rate. In Douglas County, rates of infection are 30 to 50 percent higher than the national average. According to the Health Department, cases of chlamydia reached an all-time high in 2014. Cases of gonorrhea and syphilis are up by 15 and 23 percent. Those numbers are highest among those ages 15 to 24.

For more information, visit or call 1-844-690-CHKD (2453) to get resources and more information on STDs, safe sex practices and locations of testing sites.

SPOT ABUSE + Ink to the People T-Shirts! Help support our cause!

Serve Marketing teamed up with Ink to the People and three of BVK’s talented graphic artist to create a series of t-shirts that help continue our efforts to reduce the rates of domestic and animal violence in Milwaukee. Carsyn McKenzie, Nick Heiser and Kelsey Barnowksy created a series of graphic shirts that are not only a personal reflection of their passion to help animals and victims of domestic violence but remind you to dial 911 when you suspect animal abuse. All proceeds benefit the continued effort of the “Spot Abuse” project. To sustain an effective level of reach and frequency for the awareness campaign in Milwaukee, funding is needed. Your donation is greatly appreciated. Click here to see shirts + donation information.
Our Spot Abuse project launched in may 2014 in an effort to reduce the growing percentage of domestic violence in Milwaukee, by encouraging more residents to dial 9-1-1 when they suspect animal abuse. Spot Abuse is based on research from the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys found that 76% of animal abuser also abuse members of their family. If more people dial 911 when they suspect animal abuse (an act generally considered to be easier than reporting domestic abuse), the police will have an opportunity to uncover a higher number of domestic violence cases. Since the “Spot Abuse” launch, there has been an increase in calls reporting animal abuse in Milwaukee.

Human Trafficking “Vending Machine” Stunt in Milwaukee…

In an effort to raise awareness and prevent cases of human trafficking in Milwaukee, the Human Trafficking Task Force of Greater Milwaukee (HTTFGM) and Serve Marketing is launched a guerilla campaign that aims to keep children safe, happy and healthy this summer. On Thursday, June 11th, vending machines were placed on high-traffic sidewalks around Milwaukee (corners of 27th Street and North Avenue, 12th Street and Historic Mitchell Street, and Kinnickinnic Avenue and Lincoln Avenue) and appear as though young teenagers are inside. The message? Children should not be for sale. The initiative coincides with the start of summer vacation, a time when children are out of school and parents are working, which puts kids at greater risk of being targeted for sex trafficking.

In lieu of candy bars and soft drinks, the vending machines had distribute cards that direct parents and teens to the website where they can learn the warning signs and get important tips on how to stay safe. The website was launched last year as part of the “Unlucky 13” campaign which draws its name from research released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) citing that 13 is the average age a person starts being trafficked for sex. Cases of human trafficking have been documented in all 72 counties in Wisconsin, according to former Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen.

The campaign will also come to life over the next month on 15 Milwaukee bus shelters through a partnership with Clear Channel Outdoor. For more information, visit